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The first-ever USD stable blockchain

Use Cases

Ethereum compatible smart-contract stable coin


Gnosis Chain, formerly known as xDai, was originally a proof-of-authority chain that used an authority round (AuRa) consensus mechanism, supported by Parity and Nethermind. Nowadays, it has evolved into a permissionless delegated proof-of-stake-based consensus with POSDAO.

The xDai network is designed for everyday crypto payments and transactions. Gas fees are extremely low, and payments are very fast. Its value remains stable at ~ $1 US Dollar per xDai.

We highly recommend Gnosis Chain (xDai) and have a lot of positive experience with this network.

Quick Facts

Testnet/Live: Live
Chain ID: 100
Network ID: 100
Live Since: October 2018
Block time:~ 5 seconds
Consensus / block proposer: PoS – Proof-of-Stake
Permissioned: Yes
Governance / Authorities: 15 validators acc to ABA dashboards, known developers who sign the blocks
Client support: Parity and Nethermind
Explorer: xDai Explorer
Stats: xDai Network Stats
Faucet: xDai Faucet
Github: xDai Github
Website: xDai Website
Gas metrics: xDai Gas Metrics
Network Metrics: xDai Network Metrics

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