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No need to run your own node.

Use our Blockchain API as your Blockchain RPC and get enriched archive data on top.

All the essential tools for 20+ blockchains.

Discover our custom block explorer, dashboard analytics as well as real-time alerting & notifications.

Searchable real-time data and full archive index.

Enriched data can be queried via our lightening-fast ElasticSearch API or via standard SQL.

Anyblock – the German answer to your Blockchain needs.

Reliable and fast Blockchain API, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Blockchain RPC & Data API

On top of our reliable JSON-RPC API, our Anyblock Index is a searchable real-time blockchain data platform of 20+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based blockchains. The enriched and human-readable data can be queried via our lighting-fast ElasticSearch API or via standard SQL. Check out different use cases and easily create time-series charts and dashboard visualizations.

Blockchain Solutions

Our products provide all the essentials for 20+ public and your private enterprise consortium blockchains. Read about our custom block explorer with universal search, cross-chain bridges as well as real-time alerting & notifications.
Solutions are hosted by us or available as a Virtual Appliance for on-premise deployments in your own data center.
Integrate blockchain into your existing IT systems!

The question for executives is no longer “Will blockchain work?” but, “How can we make blockchain work for us?”

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We know that if and when we have a problem with our blockchain infrastructure, we can have a quick reaction by Anyblock. Actually, that’s how they won our business – they delivered when it was necessary. Even so, that we still run much of our infrastructure on our own, Anyblock gets more important by the day for us and our clients. Their flexibility and expertise are quite useful.

Martin Kreitmair

Managing Director, Tangany

Unlike other blockchain providers, with Anyblock we get profound technical answers directly and promptly, and they take care of issues, which helps us move forward. Sascha and Max have really great responsiveness – light years ahead of the competition.

Tobias Kress

CEO & Co-Founder, Tatoshi AG

Query blockchain data with ease, while using technologies you’re already familiar with: That’s SQL and Elastic Search from Anyblock.

Sebastian Pape

Founder, DePay

I’ve been amazed with the possibilities the service provides as well as the individualized support I could enjoy. Anyblock has actively stood by my side when I encountered a challenge in my research. Thank you!

Marcel Kaiser

PhD Student

Including Anyblock’s generic querying approach into our Unibright Explorer empowers the user to run more detailed queries … We loved working with Anyblock during Carbonara and are looking forward to working together on upcoming projects.
Stefan Schmidt


We have used the ledger data of Anyblock in multiple research projects and also with the ITSA and are very happy to have found a data provider that supplies deep ledger data via SQL and also provides a high-quality support in case of questions.

Prof. Philipp Sandner

Chairman, International Token Standardization Association

We’ve had fantastic use out of the Anyblock Index so far. They built the best blockchain querying API I’ve ever seen and I am looking forward to being a continued customer.

James Scaur

Co-Founder, txbatch

The data from @AnyblockTools is ? Using it for a project now, and being able to join event tables across states is ridiculously powerful.
Well done!

Bruno Skvorc


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