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Who we are

Anyblock Analytics is the company behind
We know that blockchain technology is transforming the way business is done in a digital world.
As blockchains mature, general usage, relevance and criticality increases.
Therefore Anyblock Analytics mission is to make blockchain data reliably available, easy to access and usable in a meaningful way.

What we do

We provide technology and infrastructure to enable anyone, from single developer to large companies to access blockchain data as easy as possible.

Being part of the open source and blockchain communities for quite some time, we think that it is naturally to give back and provide access to our technology in code and infrastructure free of charge for at least basic usage. search, discover, build is the first Ethereum search engine with an extensive API.
Using Elasticsearch query language it is easy to build reliable and scalable applications using blockchain data. saves development time and costs.

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The Team

Peter Eulberg


Sascha Göbel


Katja Manns


Maximilian Schmidt

Senior Developer

Freddy Zwanzger


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Made with ❤ in Mainz.

Pfarrer-Grimm-Str. 6
55124 Mainz

+49 170 2174067

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