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Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solution provider.

We offer methods, tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain. 


Our experts can help you along the whole project life-cycle – from business case refinement, picking the right blockchain, support forming a consortium as well as hands-on smart contract development, project management and infrastructure operations.


Our solutions provide all the essentials for your private enterprise consortium chain – a custom block explorer with universal search as well as a code repository and token bridges. Blockchain as a service – readily available also as a virtual appliance for on-premise deployments in your own data center.


Our Anyblock Index is a searchable real-time blockchain data platform of all publicly available Ethereum blockchains. The index can be queried using standard SQL or Elasticsearch DSL and with our visualization layer you can easily create charts and dashboards.

The question for executives is no longer “Will blockchain work?” but, “How can we make blockchain work for us?”

Global Blockchain Survey 2019


We’ve had fantastic use out of the Anyblock Index so far. They built the best blockchain querying API I’ve ever seen and I am looking forward to being a continued customer.

James Scaur

Co-Founder, txbatch

You solved the hard problem in blockchain analytics and with the Anyblock Index it is so easy and playful to create simple apps like that.

John Galt


Including Anyblock’s generic querying approach into our Unibright Explorer empowers the user to run more detailed queries … We loved working with Anyblock during Carbonara and are looking forward to working together on upcoming projects.
Stefan Schmidt


First I’d like to say thanks for this service, it’s quite amazing what you have done!

Bob Peers


The data from @AnyblockTools is 🤘 Using it for a project now, and being able to join event tables across states is ridiculously powerful.
Well done!

Bruno Skvorc


Not fans of the centralization aspect of it obviously, but we think it’s very needed to get more devs on the platform that it’s a great compromise in the short term.

Stefano Bernardi & Yannick Roux

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