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Welcome to Anyblock Index documentation!

Anyblock Index Data API is a hosted blockchain API providing sophisticated support to search, filter and aggregate all data from multiple Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based blockchains. It is based on Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL.

Constructing a query and understanding what the Anyblock server returns is the most important skill you need in order to get started with the Anyblock Index Data API.

If you are new to ElasticSearch and/or the Anyblock Index Data API, you first should:

You might also want to take a look at our SQL interface:

You may also find here help for our alerting dashboard:

  • Visit alerting to understand how our alerting works
  • Contact us to get access to the alerting feature

If you’d like to know how to use our Anyblock oracles in connection to Chainlink, visit our chainlink documentation page.

Please also visit our website and get in touch. We’re always interested in what you’re BUIDLing.


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