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Elasticsearch types

All the types from the blockchain as well as their encodings have to be represented with a Elasticsearch type for indexing and searching. Most blockchain types that are no number types are represented as a string in Elasticsearch (keyword or text type).

To learn more about the types in Elasticsearch, visit their documentation. encoded types

This are the types that represent a value on the blockchain. For some values, there are alternative encodings available.


The raw value as read by the ethereum node used for indexing. This corresponds to the normal type as defined in the web3 API. Implemented as a keyword type in Elasticsearch.


A double floating point number that directly represents the ether value. Due to rounding this is not as accurate as using the raw or padded value directly. Implemented as a double type in Elasticsearch.


A hexadecimal data type, where the hex string is padded to the biggest possible value. This allows e.g. for string sorting of big integer fields Implemented as a keyword type in Elasticsearch.


An integer representation of a value. num values are only accessible for integers that fit within the long type of Elasticsearch (64bit). BigInteger blockchain types (e.g. uint256) are only accessible from the hex representation Implemented as a long type in Elasticsearch.


A hex string, representing the hex encoding of a value. This also includes hex encodings of BigInteger blockchain types (e.g. uint256), since they are not accessible from a num type. Implemented as a keyword type in Elasticsearch.

raw (text stored as keyword)

An explicit property that makes the keyword Elasticsearch type of a string accessible, when the default value is of type text. This is useful for allowing literal searches instead of pattern matching text searches. Implemented as a keyword type in Elasticsearch.

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