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Jan 16, 2019

Get your free Anyblock Index API key: 10 seconds to start your Ethereum queries


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Anyblock Index free Sign-up Page

In this article we would like to help you to get started using the Anyblock Index of 22+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin based blockchains.

First of all, here are the benefits why you should get your free API key to use our database index:

  • Access Ethereum blockchain data really fast and in real-time with the latest blocks.

  • Maximum flexibility in regards to your search queries.

  • No need for your own archive node to set up and maintain.

Start using Ethereum data without losing precious developer time or any hidden expenses.


Step 1: Go to Sign-up Page

On you can sign-up for free in literally only 10 seconds!
(If you have already registered before, just click LOGIN button in the top right corner.)

You can also find links to our documentation to access our data via SQL as well as via the ElasticSearch based API. Read about our reasoning to offer different options here “Query Ethereum with SQL”.



Step 2: Sign up with email and password

You will be able to sign up by entering a few details and your email address and a password.

Additionally, you have the option to sign up with Facebook, GitHub, GitLab, Google or Twitter.

You will immediately receive an email with a link to confirm it, which helps us to keep the bots out.

Whichever sign up process you choose, our system will use an email address and a password, either those you specifically choose or the ones you are registered with on one of the other platforms.
When using a third-party sign-up, you’ll be asked to complete your name and company/project within your newly created account later.

Step 3: Get your free API key and SQL credentials


Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you can access all tabs in your account area:

  • Profile
  • API keys
  • SQL access
  • Alerting

If you cannot access the tabs besides profile, we kindly ask you to complete your details and confirm your email address via the link send after registration. After that they immediately become clickable.

Anyblock Account backend

Besides the API key, you find the expiring date as valid until. The API key is per default valid for one year starting the day of your request. If you already know that you need it for a longer time period, you can easily create your own key (see below). Next to your API key you find a copy button to easily copy and paste the key to wherever you want to use it.

API key for Anyblock Index

You can request a new API key by clicking CREATE NEW API KEY at any time.
You will be forwarded to a site where you can enter an individual name/description, an expiration date of your choosing as well as your domain address. After you click CREATE KEY, you will find your new key as shown in the picture above.

By entering a descriptive name, an expiration date and a domain you can create your own api key to query Ethereum nets.

And that’s it – you are ready to query Ethereum data!

Should there appear any difficulties with any of the steps above, please contact us! We will be happy to help!

The free tier is supposed to let you try out our services. You can upgrade anytime if you hit the limits of the free plan – see our Pricing page for details.

We are continuously adding more chains to our index!
You can see the full list as well as the current status on our overview page:

With our experience, we might also be able to help you with regards to pinning down and visualizing the data relevant for your specific use case. Just email us at – we are excited to see our data used in many new ways!

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


Looking to create an Anyblock account?

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