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Jan 27, 2020

EEA Task Force “EMINENT” starts with Chainlink, Unibright & Anyblock


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EEA EMINENT task force founding partners Chainlink Unibright Anyblock
We are very happy to kick-off task force “EMINENT” (Ethereum Mainnet Integration for Enterprises) as part of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) Mainnet Working Group, together with our existing partners Chainlink and Unibright.

Focused on the standards and specifications used to integrate the Ethereum Mainnet with ERP, CRM, and other corporate systems of record, the task force’s focus is to build Proof-of-Concept reference implementations & open sourced guidelines.
The task force is set up to work for 18-24 months. Initially, the task schedule will focus on defining work packages, then expand into building best practice solutions within proof-of-concept implementations, and finally provide open-source available documentation and specification basis (like ERC standards) for further development by the public Ethereum community and EEA members. Intermediate results will be presented to the public while the task force is active.

Rearranging existing architectures around centralized ERP-systems towards decentralization implicates new ideas about how systems interact, what kind of (internal) states can or should be recorded in a publicly available distributed ledger, how external information is included, and how the growing amount of data can be handled and analyzed. Challenges herein involve concepts on computation, storage and messaging which bridge the gap between entirely centralized system landscapes and pure smart contract implementations.

Chainlink as the leading oracle provider for inputs and outputs of smart contracts; Unibright as the leading player in blockchain-based business integration; and Anyblock Analytics as an innovative provider of blockchain data analytics and tools; formed this dream-team to accelerate and scale the adoption of Ethereum in businesses. 

The team is now open to accept other EEA members to join. Please note that as the Ethereum Foundation is an EEA member, anyone with a proper EF email address can participate. If you’re not an EEA member but want to get involved in this activity, please contact for information on joining the EEA, or reach out informally to us first to learn more.

Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder of Chainlink:
“We’re excited to work closely with the EMINENT Task Force to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in public blockchain environments. Developing mainnet integration standards that take into account the specific challenges of enterprises is key to the EMINENT Task Force being able to leverage the unique advantages of public blockchains, while seamlessly and securely incorporating their current systems of record and key data sources.”

Stefan Schmidt, Unibright Co-Founder and CTO:
“In current client projects we all see a lot of individual development due to the lack of standards. Our goal is to make life easier for enterprises and technology providers, to help building standards and to be able to focus on the special 20% of an individual use-case, rather than re-inventing wheels all the time. The setup of this task force is very powerful and we are happy to be a leading part of it.”

Freddy Zwanzger, Anyblock Analytics Co-Founder and CDO:
“We are very happy to work with our already existing partners Unibright and Chainlink on solutions specifically for enterprise use cases. While our tech stack also works with permissioned blockchains, we see great potential for interoperability and innovation if corporates are building on the public Ethereum Mainnet as well.”

All details about the taskforce, its partners and quotes from Tas Dienes and John Wolpert in the EEA announcement:

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