Ethereum SQL Data Dashboards

Visualize what is happening  – make blockchain data actionable!


Dashboards increase transparency and are very helpful to engage stakeholders like management or the community. With their interactive filter, you can also easily build useful little tools to make live easier for blockchain development teams, e.g. search for deployed contract addresses across chains, look up token meta-data etc.)


Our Metabase visualization layer enables you to quickly generate appealing and insightful charts that are easy to play around with and to share within your organization or publicly. And you can get this actionable info without depending on scarce developer resources.
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Click on the images below to see them enlarged – click on the text to go to the live dashboard
…and play around with some filters of our sample dashboards.
You’ll get a feeling for actually working with block chain data from our Anyblock Index to gain real-time insights!


PoA permissioned consortium chain monitoring

Check if the validators are doing their job and monitor the health of your private blockchain network (e.g. block times, gas price etc.). Also share the dashboard with ecosystem stakeholders to show traction (e.g. transaction count and value).


DAO governance transparency

Check the reputation distribution of your DAO governance voting power. And give participants the ability to let them check their individual contributions by simply pasting their address in.


Cross-chain token bridge monitoring

Check the daily volume of token swaps to recognize trends. Immediately see problems if bridge input and output are not equal.
Filter by date range or specific address to drill down.


Contract search by name

Search our ABI code repository by file name to easily see if we already translate the blockchain raw data to human-readable event names. Or use it to find all addresses of deployments of a certain smart contract file – even across different blockchains.

Govern your consortium chain

Monitor transaction volume for automatic invoicing and network intelligence. Make the governance voting power of network participants visible, e.g. by tracking voting token balances, as in this simplified dashboard.


Exporo real-estate token (STO / Tokenization)

Use our dashboard templates to comply with regulatory demands (e.g. prove only whitelisted KYC-accounts hold token balances). You can also transparently share the insights with your security token investors in their account area.


Token analysis dashboard (ERC-20/ERC-721)

Track token activity of any standard token and visualize as time series. Plus monitor the largest token balances in real-time – to add fundamental analysis to your trading decisions.


List of our indexed ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

Check out the list of our indexed ERC-20 and ERC-721 (non-fungible) tokens. Or search tokens by name, symbol, type or creation date for a closer look.


Oracle node operators dashboard

Monitor your own Chainlink oracle contract on-chain to see how much you have earned and who is requesting what data from you. Or use the same dashboard without your address to see how the rest of the node operators are performing.


Competitive Analysis

Our data can give you vital insights on key KPIs of any project – be it the number of users, daily transaction volume or even insights into the detailed smart contract usage by analyzing logs and events – if it is on the blockchain, we have it. But we can help you protect your confidential data on-chain, too.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Just point your existing business intelligence solution to our blockchain index as your data source. There is no extra effort or cost!
Or our data science team can help you build the perfect dashboard to impress your stakeholders.


Our data index integrates nicely with all kinds of business intelligence tools like Tableau using SQL.


We also host the Metabase visualization software for you to easily start charting immediately.


The open source analytics & monitoring solution Grafana is another way to visualize metrics, e.g. for node and oracle monitoring.

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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