Blockchain Data Visualization

Discover the Power of Blockchain Data Visualization

Ethereum SQL Database Dashboard

Enjoy enhanced transparency across your blockchain systems to engage key stakeholders and present data with complete confidence. Dashboards take the complexity out of blockchain by offering meaningful insights that people from non-technical backgrounds can interpret.

Understanding blockchain technology doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might think. Discover seamless blockchain dashboards with interactive filters and search functions for instant access to token data or any other smart contracts.

Our leading blockchain visualization technology makes life easy for your developers. We support quick and easy integrations of useful tools to create bespoke dashboards for your business.

While many blockchain dashboards flood you with pages of data and hard-to-interpret graphs, the team at Anyblock Analytics focuses on delivering clear and concise information. We do all the hard work for you so you can focus on putting the data to good use.

Discover Metabase Visualization

Our Metabase visualization layer enables you to quickly generate appealing and insightful charts that are easy to work with and can be shared within your organization or publicly with just two clicks. Our customers can also get their hands on actionable data without forking out on expensive third-party support or waiting for their scarce developers to find the time. No coding is necessary — any member of the team can do it!

The Anyblock Index is a one-stop-shop for all your blockchain analytics needs.

The Anyblock Index is a searchable real-time blockchain data platform of all publicly available Ethereum-based blockchains. While we specialize in Ethereum blockchain visualization, we’re also in the process of integrating other blockchains such as Bitcoin, Cosmos and Polkadot. No matter what systems you use, we have the data and technical know-how to set you on your way.

Our blockchain dashboards are available as either on-premise virtual appliance solutions for private enterprise networks or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for all public blockchains. For the latter, customers pay per month and can cancel whenever they choose.

How Could a Blockchain Dashboard Help Your Business?

Creating a visual representation of a blockchain can unlock a world of opportunities for your business to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, flag potential errors and much more.

The applications of dashboard data in a business environment are endless. We offer a comprehensive selection of trusted blockchains where our data and dashboards can help your business create reliable systems with minimum cost, time, or technical experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the main ways Anyblock Analytics can help your business build smart, stronger and more accessible blockchain systems.

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Proof of Authority (PoA) & Permissioned Consortium Chain Monitoring

Check if validators are doing their job correctly and monitor the health of your private blockchain networks with ease. Our advanced visualization software allows customers to share dashboards with a variety of stakeholders and publish key metrics or charts.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Governance Transparency

Check the reputation distribution of your DAO governance voting power with fast and accurate reporting. We also empower users to check individual contributions on the chain at the click of a button.


Cross-chain Token Bridge Monitoring

Monitor the daily volume of token swaps to spot emerging trends. Admins can identify potential issues in the blink of an eye if bridge input and output are not equal. You can also filter by date range or specific address to drill down on specific metrics.


Contract Search By Name

Search our ABI code repository by file name to easily see if we already translate its blockchain raw data to human-readable event names. Or use it to find all addresses of deployments of a certain smart contract file – even across different blockchains.


Govern Your Digital Trade Chain Consortium

Unlock the power of automatic invoicing and network intelligence with trackable transaction volumes. Our dashboards facilitate democratized blockchain governance voting powers by tracking and visualizing voting token balances.


Explore Real-estate Tokenization

Use our blockchain dashboard templates to comply with regulatory demands and share transparent insights with your security token investors.


Token Analysis Dashboard

Track the activity of any standard token and visualize as time series. Customers can also monitor the largest token balances in real-time to add fundamental analysis to trading decisions.


List of our indexed ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

Check out the list of our indexed ERC-20 and ERC-721 (non-fungible) tokens or search tokens by name, symbol, type or creation date for a closer look.


Oracle node operators dashboard

Monitor your own Chainlink oracle contract on-chain to see how much you have earned and who is requesting what data from you. Or use the same dashboard without your address to see how the rest of the node operators are performing.


Competitive Analysis

Anyblock Index can give you vital insights on key KPIs of any project. Whether it’s the number of users, daily transaction volumes or even insights about a smart contract, we can generate secure and protected insights from anything that happens on your blockchain.

Discover Blockchain Data Systems Integration

Just point your existing business intelligence solution to our blockchain index as your data source. There is no extra effort or cost!
Or our data science team can help you build the perfect dashboard to impress your stakeholders.

Here are some of the key integrations you can enjoy with the Anyblock Index:


Our data index integrates nicely with all kinds of business intelligence tools like Tableau using SQL.


We also host the Metabase visualization software for you to easily start charting immediately.


The open source analytics & monitoring solution Grafana is another way to visualize metrics, e.g. for node and oracle monitoring.

Need A Helping Hand With Blockchain Visualization?

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