Blockchain Analytics

What is the Anyblock Index?

  • The Anyblock Index is a searchable real-time blockchain data platform of all publicly available Ethereum-based blockchains.
  • It is also available as on-premise virtual appliance solution for enterprise networks.
  • We offer this solution as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so you pay per month and can cancel anytime: Pricing
  • The index can be queried using standard SQL or Elasticsearch DSL
  • A list of all currently available blockchains and some key metrics can be found at  the Anyblock Tools status page.
  • You can create a Lite account for free in 10 seconds with immediate data access at the account sign-up page. Sign-up now, upgrade anytime!
  • Our helpful documentation is available at (getting started tutorials, SQL data model etc.) and (API endpoints incl. testing).

What are the unique features of the Anyblock Index?


We are able to index a new block, all its data, including ‘translation’ in less than 0.5 seconds

Includes internal transactions

We also index smart contract interactions that are not visible in normal transactions


All data is available – starting from the genesis block up to the current state in real-time


We offering Service Level Agreements for our enterprise customers

Translates logs into events

Well over 90% of all function calls are translated based on ABIs or their signature

Can be used within private networks

Anyblock Index is also available as virtual appliance to be installed in non-public networks


After blockchain reorganizations invalidated blocks and associated data are removed instantly

Standard query languages

Data can be accessed using SQL and Elasticsearch DSL to lower the barrier of entry as well as programming costs and risks

Blockchain overarching technology

We are blockchain agnostic. We will also index e.g. Bitcoin, Stellar, Polkadot and many others soon

Why should you be using it?


Reduce Project Cost

More robust and more standardized features at lesser cost

We are experts in blockchain data and interfaces. Our index will reduce your overall project costs by reducing the need for inhouse capacity and specialists.


Reduce Cost of Operation

Updates and support are an integral part of our service.

Since Anyblock Index is a turnkey solution, updates and support provided by Anyblock Analytics will also reduce in-house capacity needed to provide this service.


Reduce Project Risks

Building in-house IT solutions are risky projects.

By using a readily available solution the project can focus on delivering business value. Using SQL and Elasticsearch query languages every developer can easily integrate and act upon blockchain data.


Deliver More Value Faster

Anyblock Index has an extensive feature set and is available now.

As a live product Anyblock Index is able to add more features more reliably than any in-house solution.

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372