Blockchain Software as a Service (SaaS)


No need to run your own node!
Use our blockchain API as your blockchain RPC and get enriched archive data on top

Getting started and operate a blockchain project is cumbersome on many levels, but help is available. You can outsource your infrastructure needs to Anyblock: No need to set up blockchain nodes, wait days or even weeks for them to sync only to then upgrading it to a new version.
The efforts are a significant distraction, cost factor and outages are a problem.

Public blockchain solutions by Anyblock

Anyblock blockchain API to the rescue – fast, reliable & best value for money

The following essential software blockchain infrastructure API solutions are offered for 22+ public networks on a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model.

You get immediate access to Ethereum Mainnet (incl. all testnets), Bitcoin & Litecoin (incl. test), Energy Web Chain (incl. test), ETC, POA, xDAI, … (and Tezos soon to come). And it works like a charm straight away!

For one low monthly price, you get access to both our JSON-RPC and the data API as well as our real-time Alerting & Notifications functionality.

Blockchain JSON-RPC API

  • fully compatible to your Ethereum & Bitcoin libraries
  • fast, reliable & best value for money
  • loadbalanced with multiple nodes
  • Ethereum block & transaction traces
  • Query time usually < 100 ms

Blockchain Data API

  • Fast response with ElasticSearch or easy access PostgreSQL database
  • Multi-chain archive data with real-time updates
  • Enriched data: human-readable names & scaled numbers
  • Token metadata and smart contract source code and ABIs included

Try Our Blockchain Software as a Service (SaaS) Today

No matter what blockchain technology you choose, our blockchain SaaS (software as a service) helps you reach your project goals faster. No need to run your own node! – Save yourself the headache. We take care of sync problems, node updates and network forks since 2018.

Or give us a call and get a free consultation on which data tier is the right one for you.

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