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Virtual Appliance: On-Site Enterprise Blockchain Operation Tools

Blockchain Virtual Appliance

Are you looking for an end-to-end blockchain solution for your business?

Whether you want to create a private blockchain or take part in an enterprise blockchain consortium, our Virtual Appliance provides on-premise monitoring and analytics tools to help you successfully operate your blockchain nodes and applications in your data center.

Anyblock Analytics provides a complete suite of tools for on-site enterprise blockchain operations. Our turnkey solution delivers an all-in-one software infrastructure to relieve your IT team from the complex task of integrating blockchain development tools into your existing systems.

We’ve developed a customer-orientated solution that meets the highest compliance demands, with a proven track record of delivering safe and secure systems in regulated industries like the financial sector. Our team successfully installed our Virtual Appliance tools for blockchain development on-premise into the customer’s data center, supporting a private network of four high-caliber German banks.

Blockchain Virtual Appliance

Discover Our Tools for Private Blockchain Development

Choosing to supplement your private blockchain operations using Anyblock Analytics’ Virtual Appliance on-premise suite of tools offers the following benefits:

Anyblock Index for Blockchain Data Extraction & Enrichment

Browse our real-time searchable database and enjoy lightning-fast queries via the Elasticsearch API or standard PostgreSQL database access.

The Anyblock Index guarantees reliable data extraction and access to the latest blockchain data to feed your systems. In the process, we translate the raw data from the blockchain into human-legible events and format numbers to the right decimal format.

Real-Time Alerting for Push Notifications With Flexible Triggers

Notify end users of your applications and keep tabs on unusual activity on your private blockchain using our advanced alerting tools.

You can set up various triggers to notify consortium members, business stakeholders, or developers about any transactions and events on your blockchain. We can also configure alerts to monitor your enterprise blockchain and programmatically trigger your workflow via webhooks. Our systems will transfer the blockchain data payload to your existing IT systems.

Block Explorer for Transparency of Blocks & Transactions

Unlock the power of our private blockchain analytics tools to generate a fully customizable graphical user interface (GUI) for enterprise blockchain data.

The Anyblock Block Explorer delivers human-legible results, enriched with off-chain assets such as token icons, document retrieval details, and preview options. Whether it’s retrieving CO2 certificates, ERP documents, or SCM credentials, our Block Explorer guarantees transparency across your private blockchain network.

Universal Search Across Multiple Blockchains

Our Universal Search tool lets you search across a combination of mainly Ethereum-based mainnets and test networks at the frontend interface level. We’ve combined historical and real-time data from over 22+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based blockchain networks to provide a one-stop-shop for all your blockchain search needs.

Applied to your Enterprise blockchain project, it means you can search through your development and production networks as well as any connected blockchains in one go.

Blockchain Analytics Tools For Dashboard Visualizations & Actionable KPI Insights

Our solutions can pull any data from your enterprise blockchain to easily create customizable and filterable charts that can easily match your visual image and corporate branding.

Your dashboards reflect your specific use cases and can integrate charts into your existing reporting software to provide key stakeholders and managers with real-time insights to track KPIs within the existing workflows.

IT Monitoring Adapter for Easy Enterprise Blockchain Integration Into Existing Systems

Application Monitoring by Anyblock Analytics fetches metrics from multiple blockchain nodes and seamlessly integrates data into your existing system to keep enterprise blockchain monitoring as simple as possible.

Our team has built adapters for several professional monitoring tools, including Nagios and Solarwinds, to deliver fast and reliable service integrations in any environment.

Technology Stack for our Enterprise Blockchain Development Tools

The Anyblock Virtual Appliance uses a sophisticated technology stack of best in class enterprise products to deliver reliable services at scale. Some of the enterprise open-source products we use include:

  • Apache Kafka – A professional-grade distributed data streaming platform.
  • Apache Storm – An advanced distributed real-time computation system.
  • Elasticsearch – The world’s leading open-source search and analytics solution.
  • PostgreSQL – The world’s most advanced relational database.

We deliver a fast and straight-forward installation process using a series of Docker Containers, which package our tools into an end-to-end product. Dockers allow our developers to implement off the shelf solutions that simply ‘plug-in’ to your existing IT  infrastructure on-premise.

Additionally, our team can also provide documentation, training programs, enterprise-grade service legal agreements (SLAs), and hands-on support to get you up to speed with your new systems.

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Discover End-To-End Service & Solutions for Your Enterprise Blockchain

Would you like to learn more about our suite of private blockchain development tools and employ our services to implement the latest blockchain technologies for your business?

Whether you’re completely new to blockchain or require some on-premise tools to enhance your existing systems, the team at Anyblock Analytics are here to offer their expert services and solutions.

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