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Universal Search: Discover The Quick & Easy Cross-Blockchain Search Tool

Are you looking for a fast and effective blockchain-based search engine to browse multiple chains at once? Well, look no further.

We’ve combined historical and real-time data from over 22+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based blockchain networks to provide a one-stop-shop for all your blockchain search needs.

While the search capacity of most blockchain lookup tools is limited to Ethereum or Bitcoin Mainnet, we’ve made it our mission to improve accessibility and readability across a range of networks of all shapes and sizes.

Universal Search Tool

Blockchain Lookup: Search 22+ Blockchain Networks Simultaneously

Our Universal Search tool gives you seamless access to over 22+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based public blockchains (mainnets), their respective test networks, and enterprise consortium blockchains. See our continuously growing list here.


Public Blockchains (Mainnets)

Public blockchain networks are decentralized and can’t be controlled by a single entity. The key benefit of public mainnets is the enhanced security and trust associated with decentralized control. Individual members are unable to change on-chain events once they have been validated.

Test Networks

Test chains are experimental sandboxes to help native blockchain users run tests before going live. Our dedicated blockchain search tool is a valuable resource for refining app developments, building native blockchain products, and identifying errors.

Blockchain Consortium Networks

A blockchain consortium consists of multiple organizations that work together to operate and govern a blockchain network. Although enterprise consortia networks are generally permissioned/private, their members can still enjoy the benefits of a decentralized infrastructure and tailor the network to their specific needs.

Check-out this article on Ethereum-based Blockchains for a deeper insight into each of the 22+ networks supported by our Universal Search tool.

Search Historical Blockchain Data

The Anyblock blockchain lookup tool gives you access to an entire universe of archived data across multiple Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based networks. Search by transaction hash, block hash, block address, and much more to locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Universal Search tool combines search results with categorized links which direct you to the relevant Block Explorer detail page.
Alternatively, if your search query across any of our 22+ blockchain networks isn’t successful, a ‘no match’ icon will appear next to each unmatched network.
Once you click through any result to the explorer page, you can view in-depth insights. For example:


  • Header Details such as timestamp, miner, block size…
  • List of transactions
  • List of logs


  • Timestamp, nonce and status
  • From & To Addresses
  • Traces of internal transactions
  • Translated event logs (e.g. “transfer” with token value)


  • Sum and list of transactions and logs
  • Ethereum balance
  • Contract metadata (e.g. name and token symbol)
  • Contract ABI and source code (if available)
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Universal Search Tool

Crypto Exchanges: Use Our Blockchain-based Search Engine Helps To Speed Up Support

Does your business logic require historical data from multiple blockchains to answer customer requests more quickly?

If your crypto exchange support team is receiving countless inquiries that involve validating transaction details, our universal search tool handles all the hard work for you by retrieving the transaction details in just two clicks:

  • paste the tx hash found on any of our supported networks
  • then click on the result to see full details.

So, instead of rooting through several block explorers for different networks separately, you can save valuable time and money with the Anyblock Universal Search.

Our team has developed a seamless tool for searching transactions, block hashes or any account addresses across multiple blockchains. Enjoy a treasure chest of data from over 22+ networks for a smooth and lightning-fast search experience.

Our Universal Search tool provides the ultimate blockchain-based search engine to make life a lot easier for support teams of crypto exchanges.

Universal Search Tool

Our Universal Search can bring transparency into your different public or private blockchains (test and production) as well.
Plus we can easily customize to your look & feel and integrate other data to speed up your particular use case.

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