Monitoring Insights

Visualize what is happening  – to make blockchain data actionable!

Our Anyblock Index of blockchain data along with our visualization tools can give you new insights on different levels:

Network level
(and its node infrastructure)

Application level
(business logic of specific smart contract/chain code)

Comparing metrics
of different applications or tokens
(even across various blockchains)

Network Level Monitoring

Monitor vital on-chain data of your private blockchain


Are you participating in a consortium blockchain or are you running an inhouse private blockchain?

  • Anyblock Analytics has dashboard templates readily available for both network level and smart contract monitoring, so that KPI charts can easily be created and insights shared with the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Email alerts or URL webhooks into existing IT applications can be added with no additional effort.

Do you need to integrate blockchain applications in your existing monitoring tool?

Every software can interface with our SQL database so that you can reuse existing processes. There is no extra effort or cost.
The Anyblock Index also processes private permissioned blockchains and is available as an on-premise solution via our virtual appliance.

Application Level Monitoring

Visualize what your smart contracts are doing


You have deployed smart contracts but have a hard time monitoring its usage?

  • With our visualization engine you can easily create KPI charts and share the insights with your stakeholders.
  • Set up configurable email alerts or trigger a URL webhook in your existing IT stack.

You need to integrate blockchain applications in your existing monitoring tool?

Virtually any software can interface with our SQL database so that you can reuse existing processes, code and tools. Plus people are already familiar with it, making any project run smoother, with less errors and faster!

Comparing metrics

Evaluate projects and tokens with fundamental on-chain data


You need to assess new cryptocurrencies or utility tokens of a project?

  • Compare them against metrics of similar projects to decide, which platform to use, which project to back or which token to buy.
  • The full on-chain history of usage patterns are available at your fingertips.
    Plus we can help you identify noteworthy behaviour such as inflated transaction volumes, whale activity etc.

You want to compare different platforms?

Whether it is about the blockchain network to build your project on or about framework/libraries to use – it is always a good idea to get facts first hand.
Our experts know 20+ blockchains platforms and we have analyzed 100+ projects and crypto assets of various token formats.

Project & Dashboard Examples

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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