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Integration with existing IT systems

Easily bridge blockchain to legacy BI, ERP and IT monitoring applications


Application monitoring

Monitor your smart contracts within your existing enterprise application monitoring suite like any other business critical application.
The Anyblock Index makes it very easy to write smart contract specific plugins for your existing monitoring software.
Go beyond node monitoring and look inside your blockchain in real-time.


Business Intelligence

Just point your existing business intelligence solution to the Anyblock Index as a data source. There is no extra effort or costs.
Our blockchain data integrates easily with business intelligence tools using SQL.
We also index private blockchains and our technology is available as on-premise solution.

Grafana dashboard for node monitoring

We can help you to integrate blockchain nodes into your server monitoring infrastructure.
For example we have written an Ethereum node adapter to gather metrics from blockchain nodes for ingestion into monitoring tools like Grafana.
For alerting push notifications, you can either use this visualization layer or our dedicated API alerting service.

Tableau worksheet for token transactions

Just add our SQL database as a data source in your tableau business intelligence software. You can immediately start working with blockchain data with all the powerful features of your established BI solution. It is also easy to combine our on-chain data with your off-chain data there (e.g. your dApp analytics, trading data, …)!

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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