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Generalized Mining (M2M)

We help you to professionally decentralize & secure your blockchain and to make its ecosystem thrive

Anyblock Analytics actively participates in blockchain networks to make ecosystems thrive and help the community produce public goods. We put utmost emphasis on the reliable provision of our professional infrastructure services to guarantee the protocols’ proper functionality and best possible user experience.

As an additional benefit to our Validation as a Service, we help the ecosystems with our RPC, data, and alerting services as well as hands-on dashboard insights and useful tools.

Allowing developers of these networks to focus on coding and analyzing data, we help to professionalize and mature the foundational infrastructure layer.

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Our supported networks

Celo Logo

We are a foundation-trusted validator of mobile-first platform Celo to support their mission to bring prosperity for all
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Chainlink Logo

As long-standing oracle node operator, we serve Chainlink price feeds on various blockchains & our dashboards help to track the operators’ performance
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EnergyWebChain Logo

We operate a validator node, monitor both the network and its contracts & offer RPC access for Energy Web Chain
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Lido Logo

As node operator of Lido, by validation, we simplify & secure the liquid staking of digital assets on Ethereum 2.0
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We are a validator of elastic blockchain network SKALE to empower developers to run dApps on modular sidechains configured exactly to their needs
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TheGraph Logo

As an indexer for The Graph we allow easy querying of on-chain data through subgraphs & help the ecosystem with insights and tooling
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As a validator, we help to secure POA’s xDai Chain & offer developers public access to our JSON-RPC Node API
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What we offer

Operational Roles

Validator & indexer nodes – reliably securing protocol functionality & querying of meaningful data

Dezentralized Oracles

Provision of real-world data into different blockchains for tamper-proof integrations with smart contracts

Cross-chain Bridges

Connections between networks for smooth interoperability & free flow of token assets

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Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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