Gas Price Prediction

Time your transactions to save on Gas

It‘s important to know the current gas price in order to choose the optimal price point for the required transaction speed. Therefore it is crucial to monitor the gas price in order  to send transactions that are not time critical when the fees are the lowest.

The Anyblock gas price oracle provides this data for any smart contract, by extracting the price for four categories (based on the last 200 blocks):

  • Slow (35% percentile)
  • Standard (60% percentile)
  • Fast (90% percentile)
  • Instant (100% percentile)

Latest Minimum Gas Price Example

This example link to our Ethereum Mainnet Gas oracle might return an array of values like this:

  "health": true,
  "blockNumber": 9003170,
  "blockTime": 14.608040201005025,
  "slow": 6,
  "standard": 6,
  "fast": 14,
  "instant": 30

To use the value on-chain in your smart contract, you can use our Chainlink oracle.


Our API endpoint is open for everyone without signup credentials and serves predictions for all our indexed blockchains

Simply change the network name in the URL (e.g. “goerli” instead of “ethereum”). Contact us, if you want to integrate it into your private blockchain or use it in your consortia network.

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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