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Consortium Governance

Our experts can help you form and manage a diverse set of stakeholders


Do you want to form a consortium to truly leverage the benefits of blockchain technology across multiple parties?

We can assist you with our extensive experience with all sorts of practical advice and hands-on support: be it business consulting (how to divide risks and revenue streams?), technical architecture (which platform to choose?), or project management (milestone planning, how to keep stakeholders aligned?). While working with the Energy Web Foundation and a consortium around rare-earth metals for example, we found the governance process design and its execution to be vital and arguably more complex to solve than the before-mentioned aspects. Besides our best practice methodologies used by our consultants, our blockchain data and tools can help visualize governance decision making and therefore fostering trust through transparency.

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You need to monitor the on-chain activities in your consortium blockchain and need an easy way to account for usage costs of the network?

Often in the early phases of consortia networks, not all members run their own validator nodes and an easy and fair mechanism to divide the costs is needed. Our on-chain data metrics can calculate network usage, participation and gas spendings in real-time and visualize it transparently. This makes usage-based pricing very simple. And because we provide the data in a standard SQL database, integration into existing ERP / invoicing systems is quick & easy and saves overhead costs through process automation.


You want to gather feedback from the decentralized community around your own blockchain platform in order to prioritize its further development proposals?

Using the Opininator tool (originally developed by our friends from on top of our indexed data, people can anonymously but transparently bring forward and vote on any issues. For analysis, the results can be weighted by on-chain account factors such as token holding, blocks mined, gas spending etc. These typically correspond to the various stakeholder groups such as investors, miners, developers respectively. In that way, detailed insights into governance decisions are possible, which in turn help ensure the trust and commitment of the participants that help to grow the platform.

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