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Blockchain Analytics

Discover Next-Generation Blockchain Analytics from Anyblock Analytics

Are you struggling to keep your blockchain node updated and in sync? Or, getting your smart contract historical data from these nodes and actually make sense out of the hash values?

Discover how the Anyblock Index can help you decode your data and enrich it to be readable to run your crypto projects.


Analytics on Blockchain Data with the Anyblock Index

Blockchains rely on quality data and your ability to understand the data saved on the blockchain you are using or monitoring. The Anyblock Index makes it easier to read, search and process real-time data from publically available Ethereum-based blockchains or it can be used as an on-premise virtual appliance solution for enterprise networks. With Anyblock Index and its ElasticSearch API and PostgreSQL database, you can use your already existing skills and tools to process blockchain data and uncover important insights.

Data Visualisation with Blockchain Dashboards

We deliver analytics on blockchain by transforming the raw data into easy to read graphics, charts and blockchain dashboards. Data visualisation makes it possible to uncover actionable information and improve your existing infrastructure, despite the complexities.

Unique Features of the Anyblock Index

While it might be tempting to solve problems in-house, analysing blockchain data on your own can be incredibly challenging. Anyblock Index’s unique features take the hassle out of big data blockchain analytics so you can focus on developing your blockchain project with smart insights.

Lightning Speed.

We can index a new block and all of its data, including ‘translation’ in less than 0.5 seconds. Our super-fast ElasticSearch API makes all of your data available in real-time.

Never Let You Down Reliability.

Enterprise customers receive service level agreements so they can rest assured they’ll always have the support they need.

Forget Inaccurate Data.

We handle any blockchain reorganisations to make sure any invalidated blocks and associated data are removed instantly.

Human-Friendly Data.

All data is decoded into human-readable formats and events, making it easy to read and understand your blockchain data.

Making the Invisible Visible.

We all index smart contract interactions (= internal transactions = traces) not typically visible as normal transactions.

Translate Logs into Events.

More than 90% of all function calls are translated based on contract ABIs or the method signature.

More Accessible Data & Lower Costs.

Access data using SQL or Elasticsearch DSL to lower barriers of entry as well as reducing programming costs and risks.

Comprehensive Data Views.

Access all data from Ethereum Mainnet – starting from the genesis block up to the current state in real-time

Enterprise Network Compatible.

Anyblock Index can be installed on private networks as a virtual appliance.

Suitable for a Range of Blockchains.

Anyblock Index works across a range of blockchains including smaller chains and private enterprise networks. More networks like Bitcoin, Stellar, Polkadot will be added soon. View all available blockchains and key metrics here.

Flat Pricing & Support.

Unlike our competitors, we offer flat monthly pricing, so you never face an unexpected bill.

Our Blockchain Analytics Use Cases

We’ve worked with clients around the globe to deliver smart data-driven insights and install blockchain analytics solutions that work. We’ve helped companies visualise their data, monitor their smart contracts & networks and create blockchain dashboards.

What You Can Expect From Our Blockchain Analytics Software as a Service


Reduce project risk with reliable service

Building an in-house IT solution can be risky. Our blockchain analytics solution delivers reliable service with very few interruptions and is guaranteed to provide business value. SQL and ElasticSearch query languages allow developers to integrate and managers to act upon the blockchain data.

Value-for-money with flexible pricing

When you consider the time, effort, skill and money required to successfully host, operate and analyse blockchain data in-house, our service prices look too good to be true. Plus, our flexible pricing tiers and monthly termination options allow you to choose a package that suits your needs.

Expert advice and support

Get helpful support from our approachable and experienced team. As an integral part of our service, we’ll share updates and our expertise to reduce the in-house capacity needed to deliver the service.

Constant product advancements to meet your needs

Deliver more value faster with extensive features and take advantage of our frequent updates & new feature roll-outs. As a live product, we can add more features to Anyblock Index more reliably than any in-house solution.

Worried About Centralised Data?

We often hear concerns about our tech’s centralisation aspects from crypto-natives as Anyblock Index could be a single point of failure for your project or data-driven insights. While theoretically it is true, we strongly believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. Most successful crypto projects that claim to have a decentralised vision, are quite centralised in the beginning for good reason.  And you can always use a second source of truth (e.g. your own node) to use it as a reference point for checking our data. A number of projects use our Index as a second source so community stakeholders can check their claims via an independent source.

Get Started with Blockchain Analytics Today

Anyblock Index is ready to go Now. With end-to-end outsourcing of blockchain analytics, you don’t need to write a data schema or host the solution in-house. So, you can get started gaining data insights today.

Test drive Anyblock Index with a FREE Lite Account. Create your FREE account in 10 seconds and immediately start accessing blockchain data.

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