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Block Explorer: Search All Ethereum Blockchain and Bitcoin Networks For Detailed Insights

At Anyblock Analytics, we understand that a block explorer is an essential tool for any blockchain search, and that some smaller Ethereum-based chains were lacking a reliable data source. So, we’ve created a dedicated block explorer to make it fast and easy to search various Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based networks. Explore a combination of Ethereum and Bitcoin testnets, public mainnet blockchains and consortia chains with the Anyblock Ethereum Block Explorer — your free and hosted blockchain-based search engine:

Anyblock Explorer

Our Blockchain Search Tool Offers Human-Legible Data

The team at Anyblock Analytics has developed a comprehensive Ethereum Block Explorer to provide detailed insights about all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based networks. Besides block and transaction information, this also includes internal transactions (traces) emitted by smart contracts.

Our Ethereum Block Explorer uses real-time information from each network to format the correct decimal place values for token transfers, along with token icons and metadata. We also instantly translate raw blockchain function call log data into human-legible event information.
While the value data is obviously always 100% exact as saved on the blockchain, the function parameter names are presented with a probability value between 0.1 and 1.0. A probability of 1.0 represents an exact match, indicating a known smart contract ABI for the address.  Lower probabilities result from educated guesses of the namings, based on our huge library of method hashes which enables us to translate over 95% of all function calls.


Explore Detailed Information With Our Ethereum Block Explorer

You can search the blockchain for a transaction hash or block hash, or browse external-owned accounts and smart contract addresses. The results of our blockchain-based search engine include in-depth insights including, for example:


  • Header details such as timestamp, miner, block size…
  • List of transactions
  • List of logs


  • Index timestamp, nonce and status
  • From & To addresses
  • Traces of internal transactions
  • Translated event logs (e.g. “transfer” with token value)
  • Transaction status
  • Nonce counter (Number only used once)
  • Input source


  • Sum and list of transactions and logs
  • Ethereum balance
  • Contract metadata (e.g. name and token symbol)
  • Contract ABI and source code (if available)
Block Explorer Kitties Contract

Get your hands on the latest on-chain updates and review historical data with our fast and user-friendly interface. Our blockchain search even lets you easily filter through corresponding transactions and smart contract logs for a seamless user experience.

Discover All Ethereum Blockchain Networks With the Anyblock Block Explorer

The Anyblock Universal Search takes time, cost and effort out of searching multiple blockchain networks at once, e.g. for blockchain wallet address search. While most block explorers focus on Ethereum Mainnet only, we’ve created a dedicated search tool to provide detailed insights across 22 Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based networks. With our Universal Search you can start your search for any of these networks on the same website, then click on the results to directly the respective block explorer – so bookmark our Universal Search today!

Our mission is to improve information accessibility and visibility for a range of networks, big and small with our block explorer. The more niche blockchain networks often facilitate useful functions to help your blockchain consortium or private chain complete specific tasks. Whether you’re looking for reduced gas prices, a testing ground to experiment with new ideas or a network with a proof-of-stake based consensus, the smaller networks provide a host of exciting benefits. Discover our handy network status checker tool for real-time updates of the current block height (latest block number) as well as the current block time. And you also get instant access to each blockchain via a link to the respective Block Explorer.

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Ethereum Block Explorer: Three Types Of Blockchain Network

Our Block Explorer provides insights about three different types of Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based networks:

Public Blockchains (Ethereum & Bitcoin/Litecoin Mainnets)

Public blockchains are decentralized networks that can’t be overruled, governed or amended by a single individual or organisation. Many developers choose public mainnets due to the enhanced security and trust associated with decentralized systems. If individual members of the blockchain are unable to manipulate validated on-chain events, all members have confidence that the information on the blockchain is accurate and trustworthy.

Explore the following production mainnets with the Anyblock blockchain search: 

Test Networks

You can think of a test network as an experimental sandbox for developers to explore new ideas and tweak projects before they go live. The Anyblock Ethereum Block Explorer provides a fast and easy blockchain-based search engine for blockchain natives to refine dApp developments, spot errors, and embrace innovative ideas in a low-risk environment.

Discover the following test networks in the click of a button using the Anyblock Ethereum Block Explorer: 

Blockchain Consortia Networks

A consortium chain consists of multiple organizations that pool their resources to operate and govern a private blockchain network. Although enterprise consortia networks are almost always permissioned (i.e. either not publicly accessible at all or the block validators are specific authorities), consortium members can still reap the benefits of a decentralized platform and choose how they engage with the wider network to suit their individual business requirements.

You can search the following consortia networks using the Anyblock Explorer tool: 

Our block explorer can bring transparency into your public or private blockchain as well. Plus we can easily customize to your look & feel and integrate off-chain data for an integrated view on different data sources for your particular use case. Get in touch today!

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