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Blockchain Solutions

Use our complete set of essential blockchain products so you can focus on your business

Besides the basic blockchain protocol and the network nodes, you need a set of tools to develop any sort of business solution on decentralized ledgers.

Our Anyblock SOLUTIONS complement our blockchain consulting, development and node hosting SERVICES to let you focus on your specific business application.

Blockchain Development

Public networks on a Software as a Service Subscription Model

The following essential software blockchain infrastructure solutions are offered for 22+ public networks on a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model. The technology can however be applied to your private enterprise blockchain or consortium network via our Virtual Appliance. Read more about blockchain product solutions on the pages listed below.

Block Explorer

  • Quickly check block or transaction details and navigate down to smart contract logs & events:
  • For desktop & mobile usage – over 22+ blockchain networks available
  • Fully customizable for your specific requirements (e.g. integration of off-chain data such as images or ERP documents)

Universal Search

  • Search across multiple networks and instances (test & production) in one go:
  • Save time and find results that are directly linked to the detailed insights from our block explorer
  • For desktop & mobile usage – over 22+ blockchain networks covered
  • Fully customizable for your test & production networks and corporate design guidelines

Alerting & Push Notifications

  • Any event via any channel – so that you and your customers do not miss a beat
  • Real-time API alerting – sub-second speed or reorg-safe after a few blocks
  • Great for (distributed) exchanges, wallet providers etc. for superior user experience
  • Flexibly customizable, so you can e.g.
    • monitor accounts for incoming or outgoing transactions
    • watch smart contracts for specific function calls or events
    • trigger workflows in existing systems

Entreprise IT Application Monitoring

  • IT departments need answers when business wants “blockchain“
  • Safe time and costs by deploying our proven turnkey solution, enjoy the feeling of control with reliable monitoring of all aspects & deliver value quickly your stakeholders
  • Integrate blockchain data with your legacy ERP/CRM/SCM/BI systems as well as your IT Enterprise Application Monitoring software (e.g. Nagios, Solarwinds etc.).

Anyblock Virtual Appliance

  • Turnkey solution for your enterprise blockchain network
  • On-premise solution for highest compliance demands in data centers of financial institutions, pharma companies etc.
  • Suite of solutions – wrapped into docker containers
    • Block explorer 
    • Graphical dashboards
    • Alerting & notifications
    • Enterprise application monitoring (EAM) adapter 

Blockchain Bridges

  • Connect your network to public blockchains for liquidity, interoperability and security
  • Import stable coins to your side chain (like xDai network)
  • Turnkey solution: audited code and monitoring dashboard included
  • We offer all aspects in a one-stop-shop: consulting, building, hosting and operating/validating blockchain bridges for token and arbitrary cross-chain messages 
Public blockchain solutions by Anyblock

For Public AND Private Enterprise blockchains

Using public blockchains is often not the best choice for enterprises. Privacy of sensitive business or personal data can be an issue, also the current limitations with scalability, or regulatory demands might be an issue. So often private or permissioned blockchains are better suited for enterprises, whether you start a project with different business units in one corporation, or forming an industry consortium.

In our experience, there is no need to use proprietary blockchains because you can rely on established open source technology such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Cosmos etc. This will significantly reduce risks, lets you participate in the further developments of the community and also enables cross-chain compatibility for a multi-chain future.

For example we also see new blockchain products appear that aim to put enterprise use cases on Ethereum Mainnet, e.g. Baseline protocol or the great work of the EY Blockchain Lab.

We can evaluate different options independently to guarantee the best fit for your requirements.

Public blockchain solutions by Anyblock

Our Blockchain Solutions Get You Fast Results

No matter what blockchain technology you choose, our blockchain solutions will help you reach your project goals faster and more efficient. Besides our blockchain consulting, development and hosting SERVICES, Anyblock blockchain SOLUTIONS provide a fast and easy software infrastructure setup that lets you focus on your business.

Give us a call and get a free consultation on how you can gain back your focus on delivering business results!

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