Free Ethereum JSON-RPC Access Code Example

Free Blockchain API Access
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Free Ethereum JSON-RPC Access Code Example
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Available for 22+ blockchains

  • Ethereum Mainnet (incl. all testnets)
  • Bitcoin & Litecoin (incl. test)
  • Energy Web Chain (incl. test)
  • ETC, POA, xDAI, …
  • Tezos (soon to come)
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Fast & reliable blockchain API

  • Fast response with ElasticSearch or easy access PostgreSQL database
  • Loadbalanced with multiple nodes
  • Ethereum block & transaction traces
  • Token metadata and smart contract source code and ABIs included
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No need to run your own node

  • Real-time & Archive data included
  • Full access to enriched data (via Anyblock Index): human-readable names & scaled numbers
  • Dashboard visualizations available
  • Alerting notifications included

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Blockchain API with 120 calls/hour for free – no credit card required
Upgrade to 120 calls/min for 199 Euro, 500 calls/min for 499 Euro per month, and more if needed.

Save yourself the headache
We take care of sync problems, node updates and network forks since 2018.

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