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Flexible Alerting & Push Notifications

for Smart Contract Monitoring and Blockchain App Development

Are you an app developer or enterprise requiring tailored alerting to monitor any on-chain events?

Nothing compares to Anyblock Analytics’ flexible approach! Enjoy real-time blockchain alerting and push notifications as a bonus to our indexed blockchain data that is queryable via API or SQL.

Here at Anyblock Analytics, we’re committed to providing businesses and crypto-natives with fully-configurable push notifications to support smart contract monitoring and blockchain app development.

Alerting & Notification

Real-Time Blockchain Alerting For Blockchain Monitoring

Our alerting and notification application services keep you in the loop with important updates and enhance the user experience for your front-end users.

The Anyblock alerting technology covers many different use cases, for example:

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Incoming transaction alerts on certain account addresses.

We can work with your developers to configure automated alerts that integrate with your front-end user interface.

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Monitor the volume of transactions & token amounts.

Stay in the loop with on-chain events and track key metrics with pre-programmed alerts.

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Real-time smart contract event checking.

For example, if there’s a change of ownership for a smart contract, you’ll be the first to know. Or use it to trigger a workflow in an existing non-blockchain enabled IT application.

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Automatically trigger alerts when you’re low on gas.

Use alerts to make sure your smart contracts never run out of gas again. We can set up automated notifications via Slack or email to remind you when it’s time to top up.

Applications Of Alerting For Blockchain App Development 

The Anyblock alerting tools are designed to help developers configure and use programmatic webhook alerts.

Whether you’re managing wallets as a crypto custody provider or designing a front-end interface that notifies customers of incoming transactions, our B2B service guarantees a reliable and flexible solution to suit your specific needs.

Our team can also help business-orientated individuals master smart contract monitoring and generate periodic reports to track key activities on a blockchain.

Alerting is also a powerful tool to spot unusual behavior on a blockchain. Whether it’s notifying subscribers if there is a change of ownership of a smart contract or a sudden hike in gas prices, the Anyblock alerting tool will keep you in the loop via a quick Slack notification or an automated email.


What Channels Can I Use For Smart Contract Monitoring & Blockchain Alerting?

Anyblock Analytics is committed to providing a fast and effective way to share insights and provide a real-time alerting for our customers via the following channels:

  • Web hooks / URLs
  • Email
  • Slack
  • … get in touch for more!

Tailor updates to meet your needs by fine-tuning the frequency and trigger for each alert. Choose between hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly alerts or integrate real-time triggers to stay in the loop with on-chain events across any of our indexed blockchains.

Our developers are constantly working on blockchain app development and looking for new ways to integrate blockchain alerts. If you have any specific requests, we can provide bespoke alerting solutions and integrate push notifications easily into alternative channels like text messages.


Why Choose Anyblock Alerting & Notifications For Blockchain Application Development? 

The team at Anyblock Analytics is committed to offering a flexible and fully-customizable alerting service.

We’re here to help you:


  • Monitor large number of accounts for incoming or outgoing transactions
  • Track smart contracts for specific function calls or events
  • Trigger cross-chain token bridges
Alerting and Notifications

Push notifications will also enhance user experiences if you’re managing wallets as a crypto custody provider or have a crypto mobile app. They will feel like online banking apps!

Our alerting tools can guarantee sub-second speeds to provide real-time insights and relevant push notifications. For less time-sensitive notifications, you can also configure to wait for a few blocks of confirmation to avoid potential issues with chain reorganizations.

We configure all of our alerts in human-legible formats by decoding event names and using the correct decimal places for a seamless experience.


We can alert on any condition that you can query through our API. Anyblock alerting works across all of our Ethereum & Bitcoin-based networks to support cross-chain triggers and sophisticated integrations. For example, an incoming transaction alert from the Bitcoin blockchain could trigger a piece of logic to compute an action on Ethereum Mainnet.

Explore our full alerting documentation for a deep insight into how flexibly we can deliver bespoke solutions to aid your blockchain DApp development.

If you’re using our virtual appliance solution as part of an enterprise network, you can leverage our alerting and push notifications to monitor your private blockchain.

Blockchain Virtual Appliance

Who Have We Helped With Our Alerting Services?

Explore some of the practical applications of our alerting services. For example, Anyblock alerting has helped improve smart contract monitoring and reporting for the following projects:


  • We facilitated monitoring across four different smart contracts with stakes >26 Mio USD.
  • We used periodic alerting to check for unusual events every hour.
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  • We developed a crypto payments trigger for account activation.
  • We used real-time triggers and webhook URLs to check incoming transactions on certain account addresses.
Energy Web Foundation Logo
  • We helped EWF monitor token movements in their PoA chain.
  • We used alerting to monitor the volume of token transfers. A daily report was generated to send via email to various stakeholders.
Share & Charge Logo
  • We developed an oracle for atomic token swapping across blockchains.
  • We reliably managed the token bridge release using real-time triggers to webhook URLs.

Our Alerting provides you with fully-configurable push notifications to support smart contract monitoring and blockchain app development.
Plus we can easily customize to your needs and even integrate off-chain data according to your particular use case.

Get in touch today!

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