Method signature decoding

Thanks to method signature decoding, we have now matched 84% of all Ethereum transactions to corresponding calls and translated more than 91% of logs to human-readable events. This makes it so much easier for users to work with realtime, reorg-safe blockchain data!

Raiden Network charts in dashboard shows the growth of the Raiden Network on the Ethereum Mainnet.
It is using the TokenNetwork contract and the events this contract emits in order to extract information about the status of the @raiden_network.

Query Ethereum with SQL

You can now easily query the Ethereum blockchain using our SQL database. Down to the smart contract event level, already enriched and decoded into human-readable text, and updated in real-time with the latest blocks from the Ethereum Mainnet and various other networks. You can very quickly register here to get free unlimited access instantly. for the energy sector

After a great week in Prague at Devcon4 we had very little time for decompression before presenting at the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) Affiliate Forum on Nov 5th in Vienna. We presented and use cases for the energy sector in the “Pecha Kucha” format: a maximum of 20 slides for 20 seconds each – get our slides here.


Hello world,
we are very happy to present – the Ethereum search engine with an extensive API!
As first introduced at DAPPCON Berlin in July 2018 (check out the video), you can utilize the Elasticsearch query language to easily build reliable and scalable applications using blockchain data that is specifically relevant for your use case. at DappCon 2018

We were happy to be part of the global developer conference DappCon in Berlin this year. Being developers ourselves it was a great chance to talk to so many different people about their individual projects and thoughts. Making the developers lives a little easier, Sascha Göbel presented our solution to read data from the blockchain, down to smart contract event level.