We are very proud to announce that we have been accepted as the latest xDai chain validator. Anyblock has been a fan of the project and its ecosystem for a long time and are very happy to support this great stable chain concept actively now. xDai is now available in our Anyblock Index, so you can query it via our Elasticsearch API or search in our PostgreSQL, along with all the other Ethereum-based networks.

Thank you for you work and support to the whole POA team and our xDAI fellow validators: https://www.poa.networkhttps://www.greentech.at/partner/lab-10-collective-eg/, https://protofire.io, https://makerdao.com/en/https://giveth.iohttps://www.portis.iohttps://www.metacartel.org, https://www.ipsx.com and of course also Austin Griffiths burner wallet https://xdai.io!

We can also build and host great dashboards with a system called Metabase which now contains all xDai data – if you are interested, email us: contact@anyblockanalytics.com
As an example, we’ve created a chain monitoring dashboard with key metrics of network utilization and validator block distribution along with details on the latest blocks and transactions:

In addition, you may use our block explorer xDai and our brand-new Universal Search across all 22+ Chains:

You can read more about all our xDAI offerings in this Twitter thread.
If you want to join the xDAI community, come chat with us on Telegram in the English speaking community channel of xDai Stable Chain or follow the announcements channel and the official xDAI twitter account. 

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Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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