How to Integrate Blockchain Analytics into Your Business Intelligence Tools

Join us as we explore the importance of business intelligence (BI) and how Blockchain analytics can deliver better insights and drive more powerful decisions.
While Blockchain data may sound difficult to work with, our innovative technology makes it possible to bridge the gap between business and Blockchain data. With our help, using Blockchain data in enterprises is just as easy and straightforward as any other type of data.

Anyblock Analytics partners with Unibright

We are very happy to partner with!
We’ve already worked together with their team and Zühlke Group in our blockchain CO2 compensation project They now plan to bring together their Unibright explorer with our tech stack.

Integration of Chainlink with

The API will serve as an Chainlink oracle for smart contracts requiring real-time blockchain data from any of our 17 networks. This makes accessing on-chain information a lot easier and more flexible for smart contract developers.

Method signature decoding

Thanks to method signature decoding, we have now matched 84% of all Ethereum transactions to corresponding calls and translated more than 91% of logs to human-readable events. This makes it so much easier for users to work with realtime, reorg-safe blockchain data!

Raiden Network charts in dashboard shows the growth of the Raiden Network on the Ethereum Mainnet.
It is using the TokenNetwork contract and the events this contract emits in order to extract information about the status of the @raiden_network.