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Trustlines TLBC

Base layer of the Trustlines Network ecosystem

Use Cases

Financial inclusion, “banking the unbanked”, ETH variant


Trustlines TLBC is a minimal viable proof-of-stake (mPoS) blockchain. It uses an authority round (AuRa) consensus mechanism, supported by Parity.

TLBC is all about people-powered money. The network provides members with the transparency and information they need to make community-driven decisions. The Trustlines Protocol leverages networks of mutual-trust to action unique formal or informal trust-rules.

We recommend this network for “banking the unbanked”, promoting financial inclusion and developing crypto on a permissioned-variant of Ethereum blockchain.

Quick Facts

Testnet/Live: Live
Chain ID: 4660
Network ID: 4660
Live Since: May 2019
Block time:~ 5 seconds
Consensus / block proposer: PoS – Proof-of-Stake
Permissioned: Yes
Governance / Authorities: Known developers who sign the blocks

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Ethereum Mainnet

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Trustlines Logo

Trustlines Laika

The Laika testnet is the test network of Trustlines Blockchain (TLBC) and allows for blockchain development testing before deployment on the main Trustlines TLBC blockchain. Laika is a minimal viable proof-of-stake (mPoS) testnet.


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(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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