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Energy Web Chain Testnet

Use Cases

Main Energy Web Proof-of-Authority Testnet.


Volta is a testnet designed to help energy companies with regulation and operational efficiency. The network is supported by Parity and uses an authority round (AuRa) consensus mechanism with the likes of Shell, Elia, and LO3 as validators.

To date, more than ten organizations host permissioned validator nodes on the Volta network.

Quick Facts

Testnet/Live: Test
Chain ID: 73799
Network ID: 73799
Live Since: April 2019
Block time:~ 5.6 seconds
Consensus / block proposer: PoA – Proof-of-Authority
Permissioned: Yes
Governance / Authorities: Members of the EW Chain, 30 validators acc to ABA dashboard

Client support: Parity
Explorer: Volta Explorer
Stats: TBD
Faucet: Volta Faucet
Github: Volta Github
Website: None
Gas metrics: Volta Gas Metrics
Network Metrics: Volta Network Metrics

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Energy Web Logo

Energy Web Chain

The Energy Web Chain (EWC) for Ethereum is a public, enterprise-grade blockchain platform to help energy companies with the management and regulation of the industry. The EWC is a public blockchain network open to all utilities, users, and devices.


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(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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