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Free Blockchain JSON-RPC Access for Bitcoin, Ethereum & more

fast, reliable & best value for money

  • Fast & reliable blockchain API
  • Amazing support
  • No need to run your own node
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Fast & reliable Blockchain API

  • 120 calls/min, or more if you need it
  • Query time usually < 100 ms
  • Load-balanced with multiple nodes
  • Parity/OpenEthereum, Nethermind & Besu clients for Ethereum
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Amazing support

  • Quick & personal responses
  • Technical advice with code samples
  • Understanding of your project
  • Extensive documentation:
    API, tutorials, FAQs, ...
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No need to run your own node

  • Archive data
  • Full access to enriched & indexed data (via Anyblock Index)
  • Ethereum block & transaction traces
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What makes our customers happy!

"I've been amazed with the possibilities the service provides as well as the individualized support I could enjoy. Anyblock has actively stood by my side when I encountered a challenge. Thank you!"

Marcel Kaiser, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Project Lead

Unlike other blockchain providers, with Anyblock we get profound technical answers directly and promptly, and they take care of issues, which helps us move forward. Sascha and Max have really great responsiveness - light years ahead of the competition.

Tobias Kress, Tatoshi AG

CEO & Co-Founder

We know that if and when we have a problem with our blockchain infrastructure, we can have a quick reaction by Anyblock. Actually, that’s how they won our business - they delivered when it was necessary .

Martin Kreitmair, Tangany

CEO & Co-Founder

Why choose Anyblock?

  • Blockchain API with 120 calls/min or more - upgrade now!
    Upgrade to 120 calls/min for 199 Euro, 500 calls/min for 499 Euro per month, and more if needed.
  • Single RPC service for 20+ blockchains (incl. testnets)
    Ethereum Mainnet, Bitcoin & Litecoin, Energy Web Chain, Quorum, POA, xDai, ...
  • Save yourself the headache!
    We take care of sync problems, node updates, and network forks since 2018.

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