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Free Blockchain JSON-RPC Access

for the Ethereum Mainnet & Testnets

fast, reliable & best value for money

  • Fast & reliable ETH blockchain API
  • Amazing support
  • No need to run your own node
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Fast & reliable Ethereum API

  • Query time usually < 100 ms
  • Load-balanced with multiple nodes
  • Parity/OpenEthereum & Besu clients for Ethereum
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Amazing support

  • Quick & personal responses
  • Technical advice with code samples
  • Understanding of your project
  • Extensive documentation:
    API, tutorials, FAQs, …
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No need to run your own node

  • Archive data included
  • Full access to enriched & indexed data (via Anyblock Index)
  • Ethereum block & transaction traces

The Universal Search and Block Explorer for our various networks are the front-end visualization of the data in our Anyblock Index.
So in order to integrate something in these tools, we have to index the network (run a node, drain the data through our real-time processing, storing it in our index, adopt the frontends).
Particularly for Ethereum variants we have done this a lot so it is a known process, but still means some effort – and usually the network pays for this service. Some also procure our RPC/data services for their community in bulk, in order to grow their ecosystem and make it easier for developers to build on their networks.
Get in touch to talk about the details for your network and community!

  • Go to the Subscription tab in your account.
  • Select the plan you want to subscribe to.
    (Please note: you’ll get a 10% discount if you select the annual billing!)
  • Proceed to complete the payment in the Stripe checkout.

The answer is differentiated by the data access method:
To visualize Elasticsearch API queries, you would generally visualize via some form of code. Our public dashboards are an example based on Python/Dash/Plotly.
For SQL there are also great software tools readily available. Almost any business intelligence or visualization software supports SQL (e.g. Tableau). The examples you see on our dashboard website are created using Metabase, which is super easy to use even for non-technical users.
We offer data science, hosting and development in both worlds as options on top of our SaaS plans – please get in touch with us to discuss details and get a demo!

You can find the list in your account backend.
This list is structured by technology base – which is why there are two main categories ETH-Endpoints and BTC-Endpoints, meaning based on Ethereum and Bitcoin technology and including all our networks respectively, such as: Litecoin, ETC, xDAI, POA, EWC etc.

The API rate limit is the main differentiator between our different pricing tiers. Right now there is only ONE rate limit that is applied to all API/RPC calls. So if you do 20 ElasticSearch queries, fetch the Gas Price 10 times, and do 500 RPC calls, you have made 530 calls in total against your rate limit. If the limit is reached, none of those will work until the automatic reset.
All requests by users under your company’s account are adding up towards that company’s rate limit.
You can see the different values for the different tiers on our pricing overview page.
And we are working on an automated way of showing you the current level of your usage in your account area, where you will soonish also be able to upgrade with the click of a button. Until then please never hesitate to contact us via email:

We do realize the maximum flexibility we provide with setting up triggers etc. makes the configuration of your alerts a little tricky at times. However, you can find details in our alerting documentation – based on user feedback, most useful are our alerting examples for different use cases, combined with the alerting schema to adapt it to your circumstances.

For our free Lite plan: If you like it, spread the word – thanks! No commercial usage – please play fair!

Our Basic plan is free for academia, non-profits & non-commercial open sources. Not for resellers – single end users only.The main differentiator of our Pro plan is the higher rate limit and that you can share our results in your products. In the Enterprise plan, everything is possible – get in touch for details!

Optional add-ons such as Dashboard hosting and node hosting are available on all plans.

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What makes our customers happy!

"I've been amazed with the possibilities the service provides as well as the individualized support I could enjoy. Anyblock has actively stood by my side when I encountered a challenge. Thank you!"

Marcel Kaiser, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Project Lead

Unlike other blockchain providers, with Anyblock we get profound technical answers directly and promptly, and they take care of issues, which helps us move forward. Sascha and Max have really great responsiveness - light years ahead of the competition.

Tobias Kress, Tatoshi AG

CEO & Co-Founder

We know that if and when we have a problem with our blockchain infrastructure, we can have a quick reaction by Anyblock. Actually, that’s how they won our business - they delivered when it was necessary .

Martin Kreitmair, Tangany

CEO & Co-Founder

Why choose Anyblock?

  • Ethereum (ETH) API with 120 calls/hour for free – no credit card required
  • Single RPC service for 20+ blockchains (incl. testnets)
    Ethereum Mainnet, Bitcoin & Litecoin, Energy Web Chain, Quorum, POA, xDAI, …
  • Save yourself the headache
    We take care of sync problems, node updates, and network forks since 2018.

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