shows the growth of the Raiden Network on the Ethereum Mainnet.
It is using the TokenNetwork contract and the events this contract emits in order to extract information about the status of the @raiden_network.
Ethereum Analytics Dashboard Raiden Network by |

Specifically we show time-series charts of the number of open channels and unique accounts and may expand this in the future with additional data. The dashboard is of course updated in real-time.

It complements the existing network explorer by the Raiden team.
The explorer also provides channel statistics in terms of WETH deposits, participants etc. and links to the documentation and tutorials.

Raiden Network Explorer - statistics dashboard by Raiden team |

Our Raiden Network dashboard serves as an example on how our Ethereum Data as a Service can be used to show the progress of a project without the cost & time invest of running an archive node yourself.
The visualizations as time-series, tables or pie charts are a powerful benefit not only for the teams themselves but also for their users, investors and the public at large. We also provide other functionalities such as real-time API alerting – contact us for details!

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