Jul 16, 2021

How businesses can leverage blockchain technologies


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This podcast episode with Freddy Zwanzger, our Chief Data Officer, and Peter Benei, founder of Anywhere, looks at how businesses can implement blockchain in their business and answers questions such as: Should you hop on the blockchain train? How should you start with it? Do you want to outsource your blockchain project, or build in-house capabilities? What’s the future of blockchain? The podcast first aired on Anywhere at: How businesses can leverage blockchain technologies.



About Anywhere:
Anywhere Consulting solves problems for growing businesses with specialized marketing solutions. As an agile, remote, transparent creative collective, Anywhere publishes free resources and hosts the 99 Challenges podcast. The show features experts from different industries to provide insights for business owners on crucial business challenges. The Anywhere team also helps us producing content for our digital channels.

About Anyblock Analytics:
We are a German blockchain analytics solution provider. We offer tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain. The solutions comprise a complete set of products and services for blockchain use cases on both public and private consortia chains. Anyblock Analytics operates a blockchain analytics platform that contains all data from all publicly available Ethereum-based networks. It is a searchable blockchain index and data source with real-time API and full SQL access down to the smart contract event level. 

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