It has been a busy first quarter of 2019 for us buidling, this is a brief summary in case you missed our posts on Medium or Twitter.


Product Development

First and foremost we are very happy how much our SQL launch resonated with the community! (

In the last week we expanded our offerings quite a bit. We are happy to report that now all public Ethereum chains comprising all historic data are decoded and enriched and therefore are available to be queried using Elasticsearch DSL and SQL. (

As always everything is updated in real-time and in a reorg-safe manner. Also everything is still free to use and you can start using our services right away:

But we did not stop there:

Fun fact: to provide this data our data center instances provision about 6 TB of SSD storage capacity, and we’ll keep on adding – so that you don’t have to run your own node.


Blockchain Analytics by


Supported Projects

While we cannot go into detail about all of our projects, we are thrilled to be involved in different use cases to apply our blockchain analytics and monitoring capabilities.

If you want to visualize KPIs for your blockchain project, make your on-chain governance processes more transparent or simply illustrate your blockchain insights – we’ve got you covered! We have added hosted Metabase dashboards to our offerings. If you are interested in hosted dashboards for your blockchain data please contact us at


Events Attended

We had a great time learning, sharing and networking with the community at the following events:


Other Activities at the founding ceremony of NRW regional group of Blockchain Bundesverband |

That’s it for the summary of the last quarter.
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Happy buidling and stay awesome!

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