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Oct 19, 2021

Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash indexed and ready to be explored!


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Hi there, devoted fans of alts and OG memecoin blockchains!

This is Stan and I am here to announce a quick update: If you work with Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash blockchains, you’re going to love this because your life is about to get a tiny bit better.

Anyblock has completed indexing of the blockchains of Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash and they’re available to explore. The data can be accessed and explored through our Anyblock Explorer, and our Universal Search. Fast and reliable RPC API service, Elasticsearch data API, and Alerting & Notifications for our users are included in all our tiers.

Try it out for free now!

If you’ve lost track of exactly how many blockchains we have in our portfolio, you can always check our Status page – the number is 25 chains and growing continuously!

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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