Dear Anyblock Analysts,

as announced earlier this week, we’ve been busy migrating our SQL Data to a brand new Citus PostgreSQL Cluster which is indeed a lot faster 🏃. Sadly, moving multiple Terabytes of data from one database to another takes quite some time which is why we’re already one day late with our original plan. We therefore decided not to pull the rug from our active users and leave the old database server at The new cluster can be reached at

You can find all connection details as well as your credentials and the supported networks on our Account Page

As the disk space is still an issue, we will move forward and remove all networks except Ethereum Mainnet and Ropsten from the old database server on Friday, 2020-12-18 (tomorrow).

We strongly suggest migrating your scripts to the new server as soon as possible. Unless you’re doing very complex queries or joins, things should just work as before. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We wish you a peaceful and relaxing holiday and may your queries never deadlock.

All the best from rainy Germany ☔,

Interested or questions?


Sascha Göbel
(Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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