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Oct 4, 2019

Anyblock Analytics Raises 500,000 Euro Seed Round To Develop Google Analytics-like Platform That Visualizes Blockchain Data


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Anyblock seed investors celebrate with founders
Anyblock Analytics, the company behind the blockchain analytics platform Anyblock Analytics – which contains all publicly available data from Ethereum-based networks – is excited to announce that they closed a 500,000 Euro seed funding round by three business angels, Accelerator Frankfurt and ISB development bank. It will enable them to offer services that support use cases such as the comparison of metrics for cryptocurrency analysts, token bridge monitoring that connect different blockchains, and oracles that trigger a smart contract for clients in the growing Ethereum ecosystem and other blockchain networks.

By working with Anyblock Analytics, IT teams can save time when developing enterprise-grade smart contract solutions, as they do not have to run their own server nodes. Marketing managers and other less technical stakeholder benefit, as the data can easily be put into charts and dashboards to generate valuable insights with easy to understand visualizations.

“The easiest analogy for our business is to compare it to Google Analytics. Almost every website, app or online shop in the world leverages their usage data to improve the user experience and grow their businesses. We provide similar insights for projects and enterprises in the blockchain world,” explains Freddy Zwanzger, Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer of Anyblock Analytics.

The integration of the analytics software into private blockchain networks used by enterprise consortia is important for many corporate clients. In the process, often the need for a full-service infrastructure provider and project specific blockchain development and consultancy arises. So Anyblock is extending their product portfolio e.g. by offering alerting services and dedicated node hosting. This enables application monitoring and easy integration of blockchain technology with existing IT systems such as ERP (e.g. SAP) and business intelligence solutions (e.g. Tableau).

“Our enterprise-grade technology stack enables updating the data pool in real time. We will now index even more different blockchains and distribute the infrastructure globally to support 24×7 service-level agreements,” describes Sascha Göbel, Co-Founder and CTO of Anyblock Analytics.

One of the seed investors and member of the Business Angels FrankfurtRheinMain e.V. association, Nikolaus D. Bayer, is convinced of the company’s potential: “Anyblock Analytics sparked my interest, as they provide base layer technologies that can make any blockchain project easier and cheaper to implement, particularly in the growing enterprise market.”

Peter Eulberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Anyblock Analytics plans to accelerate sales as well:
“We are excited to leverage the knowledge and network of our investors. Particularly business angels provide so much more to a growing company than just their capital.”


About Anyblock Analytics

Anyblock Analytics‘ mission is to make blockchain data reliably available, easy to access and usable in a meaningful way. Their offer comprises a complete set of services for enterprise blockchain use cases on both public and private consortia chains.


About Anyblock Analytics

Anyblock Analytics operates the blockchain analytics platform Anyblock Analytics, which contains all data from all publicly available Ethereum-based networks. It is a searchable blockchain index and data source with real-time API and full SQL access down to the smart contract event level. For example, this can be used to monitor blockchain applications or to create graphical dashboards as shown here:

Learn more by visiting the Anyblock website,Twitter or Medium. If you’re a developer, visit the documentation and create a free account with immediate access at: Anyblock Account.


About Business Angels FrankfurtRheinMain e.V.

Business Angels FrankfurtRheinMain e.V. ( brings together growing companies with the capital of private investors across Germany. The organization’s mission is to assist young founders, particularly in the Rhein-Main area, and helps to close funding gaps, especially for innovative startups. The network promotes the concept of business angels as an important part of supporting founders by engaging with political parties and institutions from economy and society.


About Accelerator Frankfurt

Accelerator Frankfurt ( is a bi-yearly international go-to-market acceleration program ranked in the top 25 innovation labs of the world. They have a strong focus on B2B startups in blockchain and fintech, helping them enter the German market, while connecting them with capable investors and providing outstanding mentorship by those who have already succeeded in Europe’s biggest market.

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