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Jun 30, 2021

Anyblock Explorer: A reliable block explorer for any Ethereum blockchain


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If you are a heavy user of blockchain products, you are probably already using a block explorer for your needs. At Anyblock Analytics, we provide a cutting-edge tool just for that, our Anyblock Explorer.

So how is our tool different from others? Here’s a quick run-down of its features, including a video!

Anyblock Explorer is free of ads, available for everyone. It is preconfigured and set up – no need to host it or create it for your own needs. It is easy to use and provides in-depth data exploration on network-specific blockchain information.

Let’s dive into its features and explain how you can use it for your own purposes.

Network-specific blockchain historical data

First and foremost, Anyblock Explorer provides historical data for many blockchain networks. The information you get is historical, searchable, and in-depth.

We have a wide range of available networks to choose from, and we are continually updating the available networks as we develop our product. To browse the available networks, click on the top-header bar’s dropdown menu and select the preferred network of your choice. The default network is the Ethereum Mainnet, but we provide access to popular networks like Chainlink, Litecoin Mainnet, Bitcoin Mainnet, and even niche networks like xDai or Evan.

Once you have selected your preferred network, Anyblock Explorer quickly refreshes, adapting to the selected network. If you check, even the URL changes to the network of your choice. So now, you can browse block information exclusively on the network of your choice.

Fast, in-depth data exploration within a blockchain network

Anyblock Explorer provides searchable historical blockchain information on different networks. By default, the information is presented to you as a timeline. So you can check the last 5 blocks and the last 25 transactions within your preferred network.

Within the transactional timeline, you can check various details for a transaction. For example, you have the timestamp information and the status of the transaction. You can also check the value of the transaction, plus the method of the transfer. The hash information is clickable, providing you with even more in-depth data. On the last blocks, you can see the block height plus the hash – all clickable.

Specific block information for power users

Now, most of you probably search for specific blockchain information such as addresses, block hashes, block numbers, or log IDs. You can do so via our search bar on the top. The blockchain search bar is always there for you, no matter where you navigate within the dashboard.

To search, paste your information to the search bar. You can use your own or find one through Anyblock Explorer. A small clipboard is available for you on all clickable information throughout the Explorer. Once you have pasted your info, hit search.

The results page is simple – your search bar is still there for you all the time. You can use navigation buttons to check for previous or next blocks on the chain. Furthermore, you can check the quick information on your selected block, like the number of included transactions, included logs, the block height, and the time it was confirmed.

Then you have the chance to dive deep. You can see information like mined-by, timestamp, difficulty details, gas usage, and block size for blocks. Then you can check all the transactions and logs, which included the selected block. All the information there is clickable, and most of it also easy to copy-paste to explore further. Finally, you can see the address’ to and from details, plus the logs ID and address details.


So as a recap, with the Anyblock Explorer, you can dive deep into blockchain analytics in a simple-to-use, organized, and fast dashboard. The Explorer is available for everyone, for free, without ads.

We promised a video in the beginning, right? Here it is:


Video: A reliable block explorer for any Ethereum blockchain.

If you would like to give a try to the Anyblock Explorer, you can go here.

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