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Jul 23, 2018

Anyblock Analytics at DappCon 2018


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Living the decentralized web – how to access ethereum blockchain data

We were happy to be part of the global developer conference DappCon in Berlin this year.

As the Ethereum community is build upon an open exchange, DappCon was all about communication on a sympathetic and critical level. Without a doubt everyone who participated went home with new ideas, insights or at least some fresh, varying perspectives on decentralized applications, tooling, and the whole infrastructure.

Being developers ourselves it was a great chance to talk to so many different people about their individual projects and thoughts. Despite all the diversity, one thing all participants had in common:

The total devotion to decentralized development and sharing knowledge about blockchain.

We have seen a lot of stunning presentations from tool development, optimization approaches and forecasts on the blockchain evolution.


Devoted to the community and blockchain exploration

Querying data from the blockchain client is quite slow, because not all your data is stored permanently on your machine – it’s just too much. There are roughly six million blocks with over 170 million event logs that were generated so far (Dec 2018). And the number is rising.

Making the developers lives a little easier, Sascha Göbel presented our solution to read data from the blockchain, down to smart contract event level:

Anyblock Analytics – a supercharged Ethereum API is simplyfiying developers lives


Search ethereum events and filter data from the blockchain

Following in brief Saschas key takeaways:

  • Look into indexed events as soon as they occur. By constantly listening to the geth client and inputting all the information into our database, we provide real-time blockchain data and insights.
  • Hosted machines are provided by us, so no need to run an own archive node yourself.
  • No setup required because the data is already there.
  • Smart contracts can be added retrospectively. Using the corresponding ABI, we can enrich the data afterwards by importing.
  • REST interface can be executed on the client side and push aggregated data into your metric system or on the client. On top of it you can build a dashboard.

Find more information about what we do and take a look at our documentation.


Anyblock Analytics says thanks – contact us to talk blockchain

Our special thanks go to Gnosis as they were the organizer of this great event. Encouraging the community cohesion and giving people the opportunity to work together is amazing. We definitely hope to be part of it in 2019!

For some impressions of the whole event you might want to check out this Gnosis article.

Got any questions? Want to reach out or meet us before DappCon next year?
Just reach out to us and share your thoughts.

We would love to hear from you!

Interested or questions?


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(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
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