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Token Metrics Monitoring

Track on-chain coin metrics for insights and better decision making


You want to track the loyalty of your ICO/STO/IEO token sale and compare it to the chart of other projects?

We have plotted the number of original token holders from the token distribution event for multiple projects. Most show a steep decline very early on, but you can also study the effects of project news surfacing, staking options and lock-up periods as well as certain utility functions (e.g. FOAM map).

You want to evaluate different tokens by comparing custom metrics, or need to filter out suspicious behavior patterns like inflated transaction volume etc.?

On-chain usage analysis is a very important factor in the fundamental analysis of any crypto project. You can chart the token distribution over time, daily users and transfer volume, other token balances held by the same address set etc. And by applying machine learning algorithms, you can spot dubious patterns that don’t match organic growth – which might raise red flags and help you make better investment decisions.


You need to provide stakeholders or regulators a concise report about your token holder distribution, balances and usage of your real-estate token?

Whether your tokenization project is about real-estate, art, commodities or securities – most likely you’ll have to comply with some form of regulation, possibly across different jurisdictions. With our reports and dashboards, you can easily and proactively keep all relevant parties informed periodically or even in real-time.
And with our alerting capabilities, you can monitor for any unusual events, and rest assured for example that only whitelisted addresses are holding your tokens.

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(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
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