Node as a Service

Outsource all your infrastructure needs


You need additional, independent validators in your consortium chain or for your smart contract use case (e.g. token bridges)?

We run dozens of nodes in numerous blockchains and help you solve your infrastructure needs!

Your IT department is giving you headaches about running blockchain nodes?

High performance and reliability are our focus, and we are willing to back it up with enterprise level Service Level Agreements!

Your legal or compliance department oppose blockchain infrastructure that is critical for your project?

We let you participate as full network validators on your consortium chain with the additional benefit of taking the worries out of possible cryptocurrency block rewards.

We offer blockchain node hosting for all public or private networks with optional 24×7 service level agreements (SLAs).


Whether you need regular full RPC nodes or your own archive node, being run as a passive observer or participate in the consensus as active validator – we have done it all before.


Not only do you save the costs of the server, storage and bandwidth, most importantly you do not have to worry about operating, updating, monitoring or anything else.


We’ll permanently keep the node in sync with the network and can provide enterprise grade load balancing etc. as well.

Professional node monitoring and alerting via Grafana

We professionally monitor all blockchain nodes in our infrastructure for maximum reliability.
For example we have written an Ethereum node adapter to gather metrics from blockchain nodes for ingestion into monitoring tools like Grafana which also contains alerts via dedicated communication channels in case of unusual events.

Interested or questions?


Sascha Göbel
(Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer)
+49 6131 3272372