Oracle for blockchain data

Get reliable information to your smart contract across network boundaries


Your smart contracts cannot access any off-chain data but need external input?

  • Using the Chainlink oracle, you can access any internet API for asset prices, weather information etc.
  • Chainlink enables decentralization of business critical oracles by using multiple node providers and/or different data sources

Your business logic on your private chain needs data from other blockchains?

  • Use any data from our 17+ networks via all our API endpoints (e.g. gas price oracle, transaction hash confirmation, and many more)
  • We are integrated with Chainlink for maximum reliability (staking coming soon)

We can help you to monitor both the Chainlink node from the IT infrastructure side as well as the business side of your corresponding oracle smart contract:

Grafana dashboard for Chainlink node monitoring

For the node infrastructur monitoring, we have written a Chainlink node adapter to gather metrics from Chainlink nodes for ingestion into monitoring tools like Grafana.
This is easily combined with alerts in case of unusual events, e.g. to monitor your oracle Ether balance to prevent running out of gas.

Metabase dashboard for Chainlink oracle analytics

On the business side of your on-chain oracle smart contract, we combine our Metabase visualization layer with our Anyblock Index.
In that way, you can see for example the time-series as well as the total of your LINK token earnings. But also, which users work with which of your Chainlink adapters.
We provide some of these adapters ourselves:

Interested or questions?


Freddy Zwanzger
(Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer)
+49 6131 3272372