Blockchain Consulting

Our experts can help you along the whole project life-cycle


Analysis & Concept

  • Consulting with deep blockchain ecosystem experience and know-how
  • Benchmarking if/which blockchain is best choice for the future
  • Competitive analysis on what’s happening on the blockchain
  • Identifying & evaluating the right consortium members


  • Project management & stakeholder coordination
  • Evaluate blockchain service providers & support RFP process
  • Interfacing with legacy IT systems such as ERP, BI, CRM
  • Manage quality assurance & smart contract auditing

Production & Operation

  • Manage governance processes across departments and companies
  • Tracking of KPIs to improve future iterations


Learn about blockchain from our experts – for beginners and professionals


Blockchain for Business Basics

Educate your team about the impact of blockchain technology on business


Blockchain for Business Strategy

Think through project integration into your portfolio and create milestone planning


Blockchain for Business Tokens

Learn about different types of tokens, how they are used and distributed


Blockchain for Business Ideation

Identify potential use cases and gain high-level understanding of opportunities and obstacles


Blockchain for Business PoC

Validate critical requirements and minimize risks with proof of concepts


Blockchain for Business Analytics

How to work with and evaluate on-chain data for crypto asset analysis, project due diligence etc.

Interested or questions?


Peter Eulberg
(Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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