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Start Your Next Blockchain Project with Blockchain Consulting from Anyblock Analytics


Do you have big Blockchain goals and ambitions but don’t know how to get started? Whether you’re simply looking “to do something with blockchain”, have been tasked with a PoC project or are stuck in the middle of things, our team of experienced Blockchain consultants can provide the support and direction you need.

Introducing Anyblock Analytics GmbH for Blockchain Consulting


When you’re looking for a Blockchain consultant, there are a lot of so-called Blockchain experts — Blockchain experts who lack formal certification and don’t have years of Blockchain project experience.

Here at Anyblock Analytics, we do things a bit different. Our team has one of the longest track records you’ll find in Germany with each Blockchain consultant bringing over 20 years of enterprise agency, consulting, and digital transformation expertise to the table.

We’ve spent the last two years working exclusively on Blockchain projects and have the know-how to help you achieve your Blockchain ambitions. We take a holistic approach to consider the different business and technology aspects of every project and ease your transition to the Blockchain world.

Our Blockchain Development Consulting Service


Whether you’re just getting started or have already completed a PoC, we can provide support along the entire project life-cycle and will always tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

We’ll take the entire organisation, including your processes, existing tools and change management, into account to create a custom approach just for you. 

We kickstart every project with a call to discuss your Blockchain goals, requirements and challenges. We’ll then run an in-house workshop to get a feeling for project scope, identify innovative solutions and answer any questions you may have. Our workshop also allows us to create a road map for the project and assign tasks.

Throughout the process, you can expect us to take a professional, pragmatic approach. We go beyond fancy slideshows to offer hands-on support and really understand your corporate culture, project goals and any challenges.

Blockchain Consulting Services


Analysis & Concept

  • Consulting with deep blockchain ecosystem experience and know-how
  • Benchmarking if/which blockchain is best choice for the future
  • Competitive analysis on what’s happening on the blockchain
  • Identifying & evaluating the right consortium members


  • Project management & stakeholder coordination
  • Evaluate blockchain service providers & support RFP process
  • Interfacing with legacy IT systems such as ERP, BI, CRM
  • Manage quality assurance & smart contract auditing

Production & Operation

  • Manage governance processes across departments and companies
  • Tracking of KPIs to improve future iterations

Reduce Risk & Achieve Project ROI Quicker with Blockchain
Technology Consulting


Reduced Risk

Our extensive project management and corporate experience help you avoid unexpected errors and navigate challenges before they interrupt your company.


Save time and money

We’ll provide honest feedback on whether Blockchain is the right solution for your problem so you don’t waste time or money on something that won’t work.


Faster value

Access skilled blockchain resources and experts who understand what’s essential to streamline the process and successfully create change within your organisation. 


Holistic approach

We’ll use a comprehensive, holistic approach to understand your business, tech, processes, change management, tools, and value chain network.

Ready-to-Go Blockchain Solutions

With our innovative products and development and infrastructure services, we offer comprehensive Blockchain support to address any project challenge.

We can launch projects across the globe with our ready-to-go Blockchain solutions. Our methods, tools and data can easily integrate business processes with Blockchain

Blockchain Consulting Workshops

Learn about blockchain from our experts – for beginners and professionals


Blockchain for Business Basics

Educate your team about the impact of blockchain technology on business


Blockchain for Business Strategy

Think through project integration into your portfolio and create milestone planning


Blockchain for Business Tokens

Learn about different types of tokens, how they are used and distributed


Blockchain for Business Ideation

Identify potential use cases and gain high-level understanding of opportunities and obstacles


Blockchain for Business PoC

Validate critical requirements and minimize risks with proof of concepts


Blockchain for Business Analytics

How to work with and evaluate on-chain data for crypto asset analysis, project due diligence etc.

Take the Hassle Out of Your Next Blockchain Project with International Blockchain Consulting Deutschland

Unlike large IT consulting companies, at Anyblock Analytics, you’ll get our full attention and support to kickstart your next Blockchain project. We’ll make the process easy and help you manage the change so you’ll always get the best results.

Contact our CEO Peter Eulberg or CDO Freddy Zwanzger at to arrange an initial phone call.

Interested or questions?


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(Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer)
+49 6131 3272372


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