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For enterprises, using public blockchains is often not the best choice. Privacy of sensitive business or personal data can be an issue, also the current limitations with scalability, or regulatory demands might be an issue. So often private or permissioned blockchains are better suited, whether you start a project with different business units in one corporation, or forming an industry consortium.


In our experience, there is no need to use proprietary blockchains because you can rely on established open source technology such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Cosmos etc. This will significantly reduce risks, lets you participate in the further developments of the community and also enables cross-chain compatibility for a multi-chain future.


We can evaluate different options independently! That guarantees the best fit for your requirements. And no matter what blockchain technology you choose, our software solutions will help you get started faster. Besides our node hosting on the hardware side, Anyblock Tools provide a fast and easy infrastructure setup that let‘s you focus on your business.

Anyblock Tools get you started faster

All the essentials for your private enterprise consortium chain


Block Explorer and Universal Search


Virtual appliance for analytics

  • Index your private chain on-premise or in a private network
  • Integrate the real-time analytics tech stack via Docker containers
  • Benefit from our expertise while ensuring transactional privacy & compliance

Code repository



  • Connect your network to public blockchains for liquidity & security
  • Import stablecoins to your side chain
  • Turnkey solution: audited code and monitoring dashboard included

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